Impeccable Quality backed by Superior Service

Welgro is a versatile company that services the mining, industrial, construction and farming sector within the Mpumalanga area

About the company

Founded in March 1986 by Kevin Handley, with the purpose of providing impeccable quality products alongside superior service delivery, we continue to offer all tooling and lifting equipment requirements to companies so that they are able to operate to their full potential.

Years in Business

Industrial Tools

We carry a range of tools from the humble screwdriver to the specialised torque wrench.

Power Tools

We stock corded, battery and pneumatic power tools for both the workshop or for onsite work.

Welding Equipment

We offer welding machines, accessories and consumables to suite all different types of welding applications.

Safety Equipment

We stock a wide range of PPE including various vehicle and site safety equipment

Mining Supplies

Welgro has teamed up with a number of competitive national and international suppliers to be able to provide the highest quality of products which we are proud to distribute to our local and national clients.

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Industrial Lifting Equipment

Load Testing

We can conduct load testing onsite or at our premises on all sorts of equipment ranging from manually operated hoists to overhead cranes.

Lifting Equipment inspections

We offer on demand local and onsite inspections of all lifting tackle and equipment.

Equipment Repairs

We have a diverse team of technicians and professionals that are able to repair and re-certify a wide range of lifting equipment including manually operated hoists, electric hoists and below the hook lifting attachments.

Equipment Sales

We have partnered up with the leading OEM’s and lifting equipment suppliers enabling us to supply a extensive range of equipment to assist you in getting the job done

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